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Motion pictures and other audiovisual programmes have long been a great way to entertain and educate. But what you might not be aware of is unless you’re viewing them for personal, private use, legal authorisation is needed to avoid copyright infringement.

Many organisations unknowingly expose themselves to penalties when they play audiovisual programmes, whether movies, TV programs, or any entertainment video, for seemingly innocent purposes. Now with an Umbrella Licence® from the MPLC, you can show audiovisual programmes without violating the Malaysian Copyright Act.

The Umbrella Licence grants organisations permission to show legally obtained audiovisual programs without the need to report titles, dates or times of exhibition.

Just fill out an easy application or contact the MPLC for a licence fee quote to secure an affordable annual licence for unlimited exhibitions in all facilities.


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Recent News

Jul 01 2016
MPLC Adds More Producers

Los Angeles, CA – We are pleased to announce that the MPLC Umbrella License® now includes the audiovisual content of STARZ original television programming and Anchor Bay feature films for public exhibition licensing in all markets in the United States. In addition to STARZ and Anchor Bay, MPLC’s list of studios and producers includes every Hollywood Studio and over 1,000 other independent film and television producers. 

May 09 2016
Association Impact Interview

Eileen Korte, Vice President of the Licensing Division for MPLC, is interviewed by Cheryl Ronk, President of the Michigan Society of Association Executives regarding motion picture copyright compliance within associations.

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Our Partners

The MPLC works together with variety of institutions to protect the copyright of audiovisual programmes. Along with our partners, we educate organisations, facilities, and companies about copyright law and compliance.