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If you have already received a price quote and would like to obtain the MPLC Umbrella Licence for your facility, simply complete the application in the MPLC Brochure and send it to our offices.

Current Licensees
If you are a current MPLC Member Licensee, please contact our Member Services Department at email: or tel: (603) 27262456 for assistance.



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Campgrounds & RV Parks
Campground and RV Park guests have come to expect a wide range of services and amenities; a video license allows for increased programming at a reasonable cost. Why not use the magic of the movies to enhance your guests' vacation experience? Whether showing indoor or outdoor movies, it’s easy to keep kids entertained with top animated films and family friendly favorites. Foster group activities at your facility with a public performance license.

The MPLC is pleased to announce the addition of Lionsgate Entertainment to our list of campground producers. Be sure to tell us if you are a member of ARVC (Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds), NCA (Northeast Campground Association), or KOA (Kampgrounds of America) as members receive a discount on the Umbrella License.

Camps & Conference Centers
Whether you operate a seasonal or year round facility, the MPLC has a variety of licensing options that meet your entertainment needs with a low cost solution. Campers can beat the heat and cool off with a dive-in movie by the pool or enjoy an outdoor movie under the stars. Best of all, the Umbrella License provides vicarious liability protection, which covers your facility when guests or outside groups program movies without the appropriate license. Members of the American Camp Association (ACA) enjoy a discount on the Umbrella License.

Corporations & Trainers
Now more than ever, corporations and trainers are discovering that visual media enhances corporate environments and training programs. Movies educate, illustrate, motivate, entertain, and very often inspire. Whether movies are used for diversity training or as a motivational tool for your sales team, the use of motion pictures during training and other programs is proven to increase the retention of information among participants. The MPLC Umbrella License allows you to utilize these valuable sales and training tools while ensuring copyright compliance for all employees.

Customer Waiting Areas
What better way to pass the time than with a favorite flick? Liven up your waiting area with more than just magazines. Whether a dental office, car dealership, salon, or bank, if customers are in need of entertainment there is no better way than with a Hollywood favorite.

Government Agencies
Federal, state, and local government agencies of all sizes enjoy the security of copyright compliance that only the MPLC Umbrella License can bring. Whether a small local senior or community center, county park and recreation program, state agency or federal government department, there is a license option available.

Movies allow audiences to escape the pressures and stresses of daily life. Use the magic of the movies to entertain and enhance your patients' experience whether they are in your care for a few hours or a few days.

Public Speakers & Industry Conferences
Conference organizers and Public Speakers understand that movie scenes have the power to bring a presentation to life. The magic of the movies allows a presenter to stand out from the crowd and unleash his or her creativity without limitations. What better way to illustrate a point than by incorporating the perfect movie scene? More importantly, movies can do more than simply enhance a presentation, they can help create a more engaging and entertaining experience that holds an audience's attention.

Private Membership Clubs
Country clubs, health clubs, and time share resorts provide their members with an array of amenities. While the audience may be limited to club members, movie exhibitions at these types of facilities still require a license. The MPLC provides license options that allow clubs to limit exhibitions to child care programs or expand exhibitions to encourage motion picture programming that appeals to guests of all ages.

Childcare Centers & Programs
Movies and educational videos are a great way to enhance and supplement activities at your child care center, preschool, or onsite child care program. Whether it's a holiday or special event, the MPLC Umbrella License provides coverage for producers who specialize in children’s movies and family friendly programming. The MPLC is pleased to announce the addition of Lionsgate Entertainment to our list of child care producers.

Communal Living Facilities
Apartments, condominiums, manufactured housing, retirement and master planned communities all enjoy the types of neighborly activities and events that bring residents together and foster a sense of community. Movies are an easy, affordable way to provide entertainment to residents of all ages. However, exhibitions within common areas such as outdoor spaces, clubhouses, recreation and/or community rooms are considered "public" by law, and require a license whether two or twenty residents are present.

Religious Organizations
The MPLC partnered with Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI), to create Christian Video Licensing International (CVLI). The MPLC has long been the leader in public performance licensing for movies, while CCLI is a respected pioneer in music copyright licensing services for churches. CVLI was created to serve the video licensing needs of the faith-based community with a simple, affordable license. The result was the CVLI Video License which works just like the Umbrella License, it simply has a different name. Mosques, Temples, and Synagogues continue to be licensed through the MPLC.

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